5 Ways to Help You Fix the Problem of Fouad WhatsApp APK Message Delayed Sending

Recently, I have seen some people asking how to resolve the Fouad WhatsApp APK message delay problem. I’m convinced this problem has plagued some people. It is not complicated to solve the problem of delayed message sending. I have summarised the following five measures, hoping to help you.

5 Ways to Help You Fix the Problem of Fouad WhatsApp APK Message Delayed Sending

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Restart Fouad WhatsApp APK

This is a simple and efficient method. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with your Fouad WhatsApp, it just needs you to wake it up gently.

Restart the Android device

If restarting Fouad WhatsApp doesn’t fix the message delay, then you can also long-press the power button to go to shut down, then leave it for 1 minute before restarting your Android phone.

Release storage space

If neither of the above methods fails to solve this tricky problem, then it’s time for me to warn you to clear your space. During your use of Fouad WhatsApp, you must have carried out a lot of caching of pictures, videos, and voice recordings. Go ahead and clean up your phone.

Turn off power saving mode

Maybe it’s not because Fouad WhatsApp and your phone are malfunctioning somewhere, it could be because you have power saving mode on. Power saving mode can hinder the speed of some applications to some extent.

Reinstall Fouad WhatsApp

You will not use this method unless you have to. If you have tried all these methods and others, but nothing works, then reinstalling Fouad WhatsApp is your last option.

Every app has more or fewer issues, and so does Fouad WhatsApp. However, this does not prevent Fouad WhatsApp from being an excellent instant messaging software.